MR Dixie Land Delight

Date of Birth:
Dixie is going to get euthanatized. She said her creatinine is double digits. The likelihood of recovery is very slim. It would likely take 1 week of aggressive hydration and a minimum of two days of stable creatinine measurements to send her home. The vet said her prognosis with the best care remains not good. She doesn’t think she had hardware disease. She thinks that she experienced a choking event. The choking event led to a woody tongue diagnosis that probably wasn’t real and then way too much antibiotics followed by 2-3 days of no fluids led to renal failure. The saddest thing is that there is a possibility that if that obstruction would have been fully cleared from the beginning she might have been fine. The euthanasia will happen today and she we can probably pick up trailer today. I haven’t paid for anything cause I couldn’t give her a payment. 6/15/21
Owner Name:
Nathan Murray
MR Dixie Land Delight