What's New On the Ranch

Baby it was COLD outside! I am sure that most would agree - February 2021 was brutal. I hope everyone including all your cattle survived those 11 or 12 intolerable days. Nathan describes in this YouTube video the strategy that was used at Murray Farm & Ranch to keep the cattle warm, fed, and watered. Of course, he has his number one Ranch Hand Samuel to aid in the effort.

Unfortunately, it is not always roses at the Ranch. On Christmas Eve Nathan noticed he had a heifer with an issue with her eye.  In this YouTube video - he treated her as best as possible until he could get her to a vet.

Working Longhorns is a little different than working with regular cattle.  In this YouTube video, Nathan demonstrates how it is done with a special chute made by P&C Cattle Pen from Stilwell, OK

Nathan does a pasture walk through introducing most of the Longhorns on the ranch on this YouTube video. Be sure to go to YouTube and check out all his videos of Murray Farm & Ranch.

Nathan has started a YouTube channel. See all of his posts on YouTube at Murray Farm&Ranch. Here is one video where he and his favorite Ranch Hand Samuel highlights our herd sire Alpha Switchback.

We can remember 2019 as a very blessed spring. We had lots of rain and very good grass and we had 8 healthy calves - 4 Kings and 4 Queens

A major milestone complete on the barn

The barn gets a new roof 2/1/19

Sorry Not Sorry represented Murray Ranch at the Horn Showcase well. She won a Bronze for Total Horn in her class.

Murray Ranch welcomes Cowboy Bill to the herd on 9/21/18.  Bushwacker Chex x DH Cowgirl Kate.

We would like to thank Anthony Tate for the purchase of Ranger.  He will be used as a first time heifer bull, and we have no doubt, will make them a great bull.

MR Midnight Breeze was Murray Ranch’s Horn Showcase consignment.  She sold to Greg and Sarah McSperitt from Foss, OK on October 5th during the Bred and Owned Heifer Sale.  MR Midnight Breeze was born 4-18-16.  She is sired by Sniper which was bred by Bill and Judy Meridith and now resides with Semkin Longhorns.  Bill and Judy have bred numerous greats in the longhorn industry including TCC Houdini and TCC Winning Honor.  Her dam Midnight Lady is a ranch favorite and produces amazing calves every year.  Breeze is solid black, tall, and large bodied.  She pushed the scales at 944 lbs at her most recent vet check.  Keep in mind she was just barely two years of age when this weight was obtained.   Her 1 year measurement was a respectable 34”.  She continued to push out horn with a 1.5 year measurement of 40” and a 2 year measurement of 48”.  Breeze is an easy keeper that can be led anywhere with a bucket of cubes.  She has been exposed to our senior herd sire Alpha Switchback.  Alpha is a grandson of the great Drag Iron and a son of Annex which are both bulls bred by Darol Dickinson.  Alpha has really being laying the color down on his calves.  This pairing should make for an exciting calf! Can't wait until Spring to find out.    

Murray Ranch will soon be enjoying Farm Fresh eggs due to Nathan's hard work and ingenuity building the Mother of all Chicken Coups.