Our Story

Murray Farms and Ranch is the culmination of hard work and God’s blessings. I, Nathan Murray, have always dreamt of owning a farm and living a life more ancestral than what modern society values. The dream began in my teens, grew in my 20’s and began to mature near my 3rd decade. The dream remains a work in progress today. After struggling on choosing a career path, I ultimately chose to apply to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Physician Assistant program. The program called for me to live a city life for 3 years. During those years, I learned the ways of being an urbanite. I grew to despise the concrete jungle I was living in. Immediately upon graduating, I began saving money to purchase land. A sanctuary. A place where I could turn my dreams into fruition. My father, Ray, Murray, trusted confidant, supporter, and future farm hand, traveled all over Oklahoma with me analyzing properties. With my career, I could work anywhere so picking the right property was priority number 1. My mother, Susan Murray, which often plays the role as the voice of reason for the farm, stumbled upon 160 acres for sale in northeastern Stephens County. The property was rugged and full of rattlesnakes but it was workable and priced to sale and would soon become the canvas to draw out my dreams. 2010 marks the beginning of Murray Farms and Ranch. Two years later, an additional 50 acres would be added to the farm. In 2013, a connecting property with a home and two barns became available. My wife, Tara Murray, and I discussed purchasing the homestead however it just seemed so out of reach. We had discussed moving to the country and raising a family where little ones can grow up outside and away from modern distractions. That dream began like a small ember. It smoldered and over time after receiving several blessings from above eventually caught fire. The homestead again came up for sale; however, this time we were financially prepared. We purchased the homestead and the dream of life in the country and raising a family on a farm became reality. In December 2015, we closed on the homestead. In the spring of 2016, we became ranchers. Early on in our journey of becoming ranchers, we surrounded ourselves with knowledgeable breeders. Acting as sponges we soaked up as much information as possible. Our herd has grown and so has our family. In August 2017, Tara and I welcomed our son and heir to Murray Farms and Ranch, Samuel Aiden Murray, into the world. Murray Farms and Ranch operates as a family organization.

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