Welcome to Murray Farm & Ranch

Murray Farms and Ranch is located in South Central Oklahoma. The ranch is located near the intersection of highways 29 and 76. We own and operate 265 acres of land located in two separate tracks split by a county road. Our farm is considered part of the Cross Timbers ecosystem. This being said, the ranch is a mix of native prairie grass and woodlands. Our habitat is ideal for cattle grazing. As ranch managers and land stewards, we are tasked with operating the ranch as efficiently as possible. We place significant emphasis on trying to disturb the natural world as little as possible. Our goal is to efficiently graze our cattle primarily on native grasses. We do not supplement our cattle’s diet with corn or other grains. Ranching is a full time job. Rewards from hard work sometimes take years to realize. At any given time, there are numerous projects taking place on the ranch. The improvements are always centered on making our efforts more fruitful, more efficient or less impactful on our environment.